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“If the shoe fits,

the foot is forgotten”   Chuang Tse



100% Sheep’s Wool, unlike cold leather or the synthetic running-shoe,

allow toxins in foot perspiration to escape through its natural fiber while

insulating the foot with its own body-warmth, in much the same principal

as a down-comforter.

The ‘high density’, compressed wool-felt shoe exterior is a supple but

strong 3mm thickness. The flexible felt sole, 5mm thick, acts as a

protective insulator.

The indoor wool-felt shoe was invented as protection from extreme cold.

But, it also allows the foot to exercise and strengthen

as in the ‘natural state’ of barefootedness.



The shoe can be washed by hand or washing machine and will not lose shape.

It will, however, soften, as it is a wool garment. And, it can be heated in a

micro-wave for the ultimate in warmth.


Each shoe is built upon a ‘last’ and is hand-sewn. It is constructed entirely

without glue, using the finest, heavy-gauge linen thread.



The exercise shoe’s fit is comparable to being bare-foot;

allowing complete movement, including wadding-up of the toes.

The dance shoe’s arch is corseted; supported by being hand-tied.

The structured Oxford, laced with felted wool cord,

is designed to stimulate circulation in exhausted or

damaged feet, especially invented for after-surgery recuperation.